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Replacing main sheet traveller car wheels
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Author:  pmuus [ Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Replacing main sheet traveller car wheels

I recently found that it is quite simple to replace the wheels of the RWO traveller car.

As I am sure is not uncommon, the wheels of this car were completely flat on my boat. I recently replaced them. without removing the rail.

Simply slide the car to one side, until it runs off with two wheels. With a flat srewdriver, pop the wheels of their bearings. Then run it to the other side and pop the two other wheels off. Now the complete car can be removed for servicing or replacement.

To place the new wheels (still available at RWO for about € 10,-), simply place the car on the rail, and replace the wheels in reverse order. Very smooth running again!

For truth, I have to mention that in the mean time I also took the rail off for recaulcing. For this job I again had to cut the nuts of some of the bolts with my trusted angle grinder. Like all deckfittngs I have replaced, the yard has roughly cut the exces length of the bolts, damaging the thread, then laminated them over with glass fibre. I've done a lot of savage cutting to remove these bolts so far.

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